Two Awesome features of Adobe Bridge CS6

Hi there!

Recently , I saw a video in a graphic design blog about Bridge’s top ten features. In them I found only two of them cool. I’m not sure whether these options are available in the previous versions. So here, in this post I’m sharing them with you.


The Caroussel View

The coolest feature about Bridge is its caroussel view. It allows you to browse your files in a 3D manner. To use this view, navigate to your projects folder and press Ctrl+B. This is the shortcut for the caroussel view.

You can navigate through your files by the left and right arrow keys, or by dragging the images to the sides by mouse. You can also remove particular files by pressing the down arrow. Simply clicking on the image shows the zoom window, which you can drag to any portion of the image.

Web Gallery

Another cool thing about Bridge is it’s web page output. For this, goto the output tab.

Now you can check out all the options in the output window on the right side.

In it select Air tight Poster Viewer. Set the additional options the way you like and then click Preview in the browser button.

You should see something like this. Clicking on any of these thumbnails zooms them like shown below.

That was it. After I watching the video about Bridge which I mentioned in the beginning, I was dying to check it out. I don’t believe this post can bring such an effect to you. But I still believe this made some sense. Thank you for reading this.

#3 Webizine logo

A few days ago while i was designing my site theme, a thought stuck my head, that webizine lacked an identity. So I decided to design a logo. I wanted it to be extra simple. I didn’t have a particular idea about what it should represent. So I just played with the shapes. And finally got something neat (I hope).I had already decided that my site’s main color will be that juicy shade between blue and green. I like that color very much. Then I typed the header ‘webizine’ and tried a few combinations with the logo. The most appealing combination I found was the one with the logo on left side of the text. So I uploaded it as my site’s header. Hope you liked it. Have a great time. Cheers!

#1 First Post

Hi! I am Richu Michael .I love designing, Photoshop, and of course internet! It has been long since I wanted to create a website (from now onwards I’d like to refer a website as a place), to share a lot of design stuffs, tips and my knowledge in design, with you. I won’t say that this is my first place. I’ve tried a few names and concepts (designsnext, bay6, hi-dizigns…Etc).I made a reasonable amount of designs (with PS).And I carry on doing it. I don’t know coding. But I am trying to learn it, because you know that one can’t survive with a place using a stock template these days, even if its content is nice.

I, at first tried to make a nice WP theme with artisteer.But I found that my requirements were out of that box. That’s why I decided to use this stock WP theme, as you can see, before making a theme I can be proud of. I am currently in designing the appearance of webizine. Though I don’t know coding, I am not keeping any limits to my design dreams. By this time you might have understood that my WP theme will be finished after a quite long time. But I’ll be updating my theme designing’s progress as frequently as I can.

I don’t want to waste my time designing the theme. So you can expect some amazing freebies (mainly stock graphics like web buttons, banners…etc) in near future.
Cheers and have a great day!