My Blog Design

I have been browsing through so many minimalist sites recently and got inspired so much, that I decided to create a design for my future blog “Richu Michael blogs here”.The most striking  thing I found in some of those websites were the shine in the area of the post. I began with a clean navigation bar. I contrasted the button text with its button size which made it look quite clean. After laying the post body area I worked on the footer area. I made some custom patterns with some grunge brushes to create that smooth noise effect. Then I layered each of them on top of the footer and post area with different pattern scales. This helped me to get a non-uniform effect which gives the feeling that the whole page is filled with a big texture. I planned at first to write a tutorial on how to make this page. But later I thought of my inexperience in web design(i don’t know the correct use of grids and all).So I gave up writing it. But ,of course I will write one in some months.

Webizine logo revision

The logo I first created (as I hoped was worth looking at) had no meaning at all.I simply worked out for a good shape; that was all what I did to make that logo.But some of my friends helped me in getting inspired to make a better logo.To be really honest I spent a lot of time in designing this one.I tried a lot of concepts.And was surprised to get amazing logos(though it didn’t match the concept of webizine).I hope at least this one is good.Anyway have a great day.Cheers!

#3 Webizine logo

A few days ago while i was designing my site theme, a thought stuck my head, that webizine lacked an identity. So I decided to design a logo. I wanted it to be extra simple. I didn’t have a particular idea about what it should represent. So I just played with the shapes. And finally got something neat (I hope).I had already decided that my site’s main color will be that juicy shade between blue and green. I like that color very much. Then I typed the header ‘webizine’ and tried a few combinations with the logo. The most appealing combination I found was the one with the logo on left side of the text. So I uploaded it as my site’s header. Hope you liked it. Have a great time. Cheers!

#1 First Post

Hi! I am Richu Michael .I love designing, Photoshop, and of course internet! It has been long since I wanted to create a website (from now onwards I’d like to refer a website as a place), to share a lot of design stuffs, tips and my knowledge in design, with you. I won’t say that this is my first place. I’ve tried a few names and concepts (designsnext, bay6, hi-dizigns…Etc).I made a reasonable amount of designs (with PS).And I carry on doing it. I don’t know coding. But I am trying to learn it, because you know that one can’t survive with a place using a stock template these days, even if its content is nice.

I, at first tried to make a nice WP theme with artisteer.But I found that my requirements were out of that box. That’s why I decided to use this stock WP theme, as you can see, before making a theme I can be proud of. I am currently in designing the appearance of webizine. Though I don’t know coding, I am not keeping any limits to my design dreams. By this time you might have understood that my WP theme will be finished after a quite long time. But I’ll be updating my theme designing’s progress as frequently as I can.

I don’t want to waste my time designing the theme. So you can expect some amazing freebies (mainly stock graphics like web buttons, banners…etc) in near future.
Cheers and have a great day!